Good News

Regional Branch No. 2

February 18, 2020



Tuguegarao City. A Request for Technical Assistance (RTA) filed on 30 December  2019 by the Union President against the management of a mining firm in the province of Nueva Vizcaya was facilitated by Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch 2 (RCMB2).

The RTA involved issues on the interpretation and application of company personnel policy affecting Union members. The Union officers alleged that management of the mining firm had done discrimination and unfavourable practices against Union officers and members. Despite plant level discussion and explanation of management regarding the allegations of the Union, the issues remain unresolved prompting the Union to seek the intervention of RCMB2.

In this regard, RCMB2 scheduled a conciliation and mediation conference on 28 January 2020 but management requested for postponement of the meeting to 14 February 2020 due to the roster break of management representatives and the union did not interpose any objection on the request of management.

The parties appeared on 14 February 2020 for a conciliation-mediation conference to discuss and resolve the labor issues at bar. The Union President was accompanied by the Vice President while management representatives were the General Manager, HR Director, HR Manager, Site Services Manager and Transport Supervisor.

After the discussion on the issues and validation of statements of the concerned company personnel, Director Gil G. Caragayan laid down his proposal to resolve the labor issues beneficial to both parties and without any prejudice to their respective interest. Banking on the proposal of Director Caragayan, parties agreed in the interest of industrial peace and harmony to terminate their labor dispute under the following terms and conditions which speak in this wise:

  1. The transport section shall not discriminate against union members and local employees in the availment of company vehicles. Likewise, there shall be no discrimination in the schedule trips for drivers, whether long distance or otherwise.
  2. In case of official and union related travel activities, the company agrees to provide vehicle for union members. If no vehicle is available, it shall rent one with franchise and with passenger insurance. Moreover, if the vehicle rented is a “colorum” (no franchise) and should injuries befall on the employees, it agrees to shoulder all the expenses incurred by said employees.

Apropos thereof, if the situations above are not applicable, the union members shall commute.

  1. The company and the union through their representatives agree to honor and comply in good faith with the provisions of their CBA, MOA, and the 10 Key principles of the Code of Conduct.
  2. There shall be no bullying, intimidating action by either the union or the management.
  3. No retaliatory action arising from this technical assistance shall be made by the parties.
  4. A 3-day notification shall be issued if no vehicle is available. In this connection, the General Manager assumes that commuting should never happen.
  5. Reformulation of LMC Committee shall be made soonest.

In closing, Dir. Caragayan enlightened the parties that February 14 is the day of love, understanding and forgiveness, to which, the General Manager replied that he already felt the love in RCMB2 office.

The resolution of the labor dispute in the company will enable the parties to restore and maintain their harmonious relationship.

Director Caragayan was assisted by Senior LEO Olisen L. Dizon and AO III Faye Jasper A. Requimin of this branch. End