Good News
Regional Branch No. 02
May 28, 2020


Dinapigue, Isabela.. The National Conciliation and Mediation Board – Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch No. 2 (NCMB-RCMB2) facilitated the creation of Labor-Management Cooperation (LMC) and Grievance Machinery (GM) committees in 3 unorganized establishments held in Dinapigue Mining Corporation on March 2.

Prior to the creation of said committees, a consultation with the branch was requested by the establishments’ labor and management representatives followed by an orientation seminar on the Board’s programs and activities with LMC and GM programs thoroughly discussed. As an offset, the participants were convinced to make a commitment to contribute to resolving workplace conflicts and welcome cooperation as the new norm in maintaining industrial peace and productivity in the workplace.

“These committees will serve as your channels for dialogue between labor and management in order to pursue cooperation and resolve workplace conflicts without the intervention of a third party,” said NCMB-RCMB2 senior labor and employment Olisen L. Dizon. “Make sure that you play an active role in making cooperation your lifestyle and agree to resolve conflicts in your respective workplaces,” Dizon added.

In the event of conflicts, the participants were likewise advised to look into the validity of the complaint/s and take responsibility as committee members to consider issues with serious attention and resolve them fairly and properly.

The branch committed to enhance further the knowledge and skills of the participants through seminars, learning sessions and LMC convergence activities with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and other DOLE attached agencies. Dizon assured that future enhancement activities with them will not only provide information but will empower them to know and exercise their rights and privileges as industrial partners.

The activity was attended by 35 selected labor and management representatives from Dinapigue Mining Corporation, Great Odysseus Security Agency, Inc. and Enviroclean Manpower Services Corporation.