Good News

Regional Branch No. 02

July 30, 2020




Tuguegarao City.  The Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch No. 2 (RCMB2) managed to facilitate the creation of Labor-Management Cooperation (LMC)  and Grievance Machinery (GM) committees after conducting a virtual orientation seminar on LMC and GM programs held on July 17 with labor and management representatives from 6 unorganized companies all in Cauayan City, Isabela.


Despite the fact that the activity was online, the branch was able to set it up properly and achieved a very interactive and engaging session with the participants while at a single location in one conference room to attend together as in a face–to-face meeting.


“Getting them together would prove impossible but because of this success, we believe that virtual seminars are just as effective as physical conferences,” said RCMB2 director Gil G. Caragayan.


“Bringing together the participants from a distance is an innovative idea where the pandemic cannot stop us to schedule and run our activities with minimum effort,” remarked senior labor and employment Olisen L. Dizon.


Through the virtual discussions, the branch explained at length various principles of LMC and GM as mechanisms enabling both social partners to understand each other’s needs and interests. The discussion also touched workplace cooperation where workers or their representatives participate with management to communicate and share information through consultation and discussion, solve issues of common concern or resolve conflicts, and improve performance.


The branch likewise shared that conflicts in the workplace inevitably happen when a group of unique people are put together.  Employees come from varied backgrounds and have different work styles and habits generating resentment that quickly turns into conflict thus, the certain need for cooperation and conflict management in workplaces.


“We had all the information right in front of us and even interact with the speakers, take down notes and record their accompanying materials for us to echo back to our top management and other workers.  We are certain that the principles of LMC and GM structures will be accepted as soon as we are able to share it to them,” said one of the human resource managers.


With the significant participation of both workers and management, the branch, through subsequent communication and instructions, was able to facilitate on July 23 the formation of the LMC and institutionalize the GM structures of Agri Component Corporation, Grand Agri Component Sales Corporation, Agricom Trucking Services, Inc., Agricom Best Foods Corporation and Agri Component Employee Multi-Purpose Cooperative.