Press Release

Regional Branch No. 02

February 28, 2020





The National Conciliation and Mediation Board – Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch No. 2 (NCMB-RCMB2) joined in the convergence activity of the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) in Dinapigue Mining Corporation, Dinapigue, Isabela on February 27, 2020 with the Department of Labor and Employment – Regional Office No. 2 (DOLE-RO2) and other DOLE attached agencies in the region.


The undertaking is in line with the on-going joint activity of the RCC to make   establishments appreciate the programs of the DOLE and its attached agencies.  Likewise, RCMB2 took this opportunity to pre-facilitate the creation of the mining corporation’s Labor-Management Cooperation (LMC) committee and institutionalization of its grievance machinery (GM) committee. These said committees will serve as the establishment’s channels for dialogue between labor and management in order to pursue and maintain industrial peace and productivity in the workplace.


An overview of the Board’s programs and activities was presented with LMC and GM programs thoroughly discussed by the branch, thus inspiring the participants to make a commitment to contribute to resolving workplace conflicts.

.           The convergence activity is an on-going campaign to create awareness among establishments by underscoring the significant roles and programs of each RCC member focusing on primary prevention to end or reduce incidents of violation of labor standard laws and sustain industrial harmony.

Earlier, RCMB2 director Gil G. Caragayan said that the convergence activity does not only provide information but empowers labor and management to know and exercise their rights, feature all RCC agencies’ services that labor and management can access and avail, and gather support for all DOLE-RCC programs and activities.